Чантичка за лакомства Dog Treat Bag L

Чантичка за лакомства Dog Treat Bag L

Ø 13 x 19 cm

  • Цена 39 лв

39.00 лв.

Чантичка за лакомства Dog Treat Bag L

  • Чантичка за лакомства за куче
  • Перфектна за бисквити или гранули
  • Предназначена за разходки и пътуване с вашето куче
  • Направена от здрав найлон
  • Ефективно затваряне със стягащи се връзки
  • Второ затваряне с цип
  • Можете да я закачите на колана си
  • Голямата може да се носи с дръжка – като чантичка
  • Големият модел е със светлоотразителна лента – за максимум видимост нощем
  • Налична в различни размери
  • Малка – с размер 12 см диаметър и 13 см височина
  • Голяма – с размер 13 см диаметър и 19 см височина
  • Treat bag for dogs
  • Perfect for dog biscuits or dry food
  • Designed for use when travelling with your pet
  • Made of sturdy nylon
  • Effective closure thanks to the string and to the elastic in the Small model and to the zip in the Large model
  • Can be hooked to your belt
  • Large model with reflective seam lines for maximum visibility in the evening or at night
  • Available in different sizes:
  • Treats Bag with 12 cm of diameter and 13 cm high
  • Treats Bag Large with 13 cm of diameter and 19 cm high
Чантичка за лакомства Dog Treat Bag L

Spending the day out with your four-legged friend? Now this is a practical accessory to carry with you. Treats Bag is the perfect solution to hold your dog’s treats, be them biscuits or dog food, for ready availability during walks. Roomy and practical, this treat bag is made of nylon, a resistant and durable material. Available in 2 models: Treats Bag, the most compact, measures 12 cm in diameter and is 13 cm high, while Treats Bag Large has 13 cm of diameter and is 19 cm high. The bag has a closing system that holds the food inside in a safe and effective manner. The smallest model comes with an elastic string, while the largest has a practical zip.

Both models are easy to attach to your belt. Treats Bag comes with a Velcro closure and a plastic hook to hang it to your belt, while the Large model comes with a practical adjustable buckle. The Large model has reflective seam lines that ensure excellent visibility when walking your dog at dusk or during the evening.


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