Ferplast Jolie 500 ml - черно

Ferplast Jolie 500 ml - черно

Ferplast Jolie 500 ml

  • 18 лв

18.00 лв.

Ferplast Jolie 500 ml

Стоманена купа за котки и кучета, с пластмасов страничен държач на купата

  • Стоманена купа за котки и кучета
  • Допълнена с блестящ цвете шлифован пластмасов държач на купата
  • Може да се използва както за храна, така и за вода
  • Долният край е оборудван с противоплъзгащи крачета
  • Дръжки от двете страни – за лесно хващане
  • Металната купа се вади
  • Лесни за почистване гладки повърхности
  • Налична в различни цветове и с три размера

Купите Jolie за котки и кучета са весели, цветни, придават колорит на дома. Комплектът Jolie включва шлифована цветна поставка и метална купа Orion- подходяща както за храна, така и за вода. Пластмасовият държач-поставка е с весел, светъл цвят и блестящ ефект. Леки, но издържливи и лесни за чистене, благодарение на гладките повърхности.

Steel bowl for cats and dogs complete with plastic bowl-holder.

  • Steel bowl for cats and dogs
  • Complete with shiny, colourful plastic holder
  • Can be used for food and water
  • Lower edge equipped with non-slip rubber feet
  • Handles on the sides make it easy to hold
  • Removable bowl with smooth and easy-to-clean surface
  • Available in various sizes with different capacities: Small (0.5 litres), Medium (0.9 litres), and Large (1.2 litres)

Jolie bowls for cats and dogs are cheery and colourful and will give your home a vibrant touch! Jolie includes a stainless steel Orion bowl, perfect for holding water and dry or wet food, and a plastic bowl-holder with a ceramic-effect shiny finish. It is light but durable and easy to clean thanks to its shiny surface. The holder has non-slip rubber feet that ensure maximum stability and prevent it from sliding while your pet is eating. It is also equipped with handles on the sides, to allow a safe grip when moving it.

Ferplast’s Orion bowls are also hygienic and resistant, thanks to the materials used to make them. They are practical to handle, thanks to the handy outer edge, and are easy to remove from the holder for cleaning.
Jolie is ideal for daily use and comes in different sizes with different capacities, suitable for dogs and cats: Small (0.5 litres), Medium (0.9 litres) and Large (1.2 litres), complete with Orion Kc 52, Kc 54 and Kc 55 respectively.

Ferplast Jolie 500 ml

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