Geniko Dog Cat - мокри кърпички море

Geniko Dog Cat - мокри кърпички море

40 броя – 30 х 20 см

  • цена 9.50 лв

9.50 лв.

Geniko Dog Cat – мокри кърпички море

40 броя в опаковка
Размер 30 х 20 см

  • Хигиенни кърпички за котки, кучета и други животни
  • С аромат на море
  • Позволяват бързо да почистите и ароматизирате козината
  • Подходящи за котка, куче, зайче, порче и други домашни любимци
  • Големи и удобни меки кърпи, напоени с лосион с аромат на талк
  • Не съдържат алкохол, изключително деликатни
  • Опаковката съдържа 40 кърпи
  • Refreshing and deodorant wipes for dogs and cats
  • They allow to cleanse fastly your pet’s coat
  • Perfect when you are traveling and you are away from home
  • Delicatelly talk perfumed
  • Alcohol-free
  • One single size with 40 pieces available

Taking care of your four-legged friend’s coat will be very easy thanks to the perfumed wipes Genico Fresh. Talc perfumed, they can be used both for dogs and cats and are particularly delicate on your pet’s skin. Moreover, they have a refreshing effect, they are alcohol-free and efficaciously deodorize cats’ and dogs’ coat. Genico Fresh Talc are available in a practical package with 40 pieces. Perfect to be carried always with you, thanks to their practical package they can be slipped on your bag to be used whenever you want: after a good walk or a run with your dog, for example, when you need to refresh your friend’s coat fastly or when you are traveling with your pet. They can also be used to keep paws clean, before getting into your car or before going home after walking out with your pet to remove dirt, germs or bacteria.

The cleansing wipes for dogs and cats Genico Fresh are also available in other perfumes: Green Tea and Marine. Choose the fragrance you prefer to inebriate with scent your faithful friend!

Geniko Dog Cat – мокри кърпички море

Cats are generally clean creatures – you’ll often see them grooming themselves and giving their friends assistance too. However, they may need a bit of help once in awhile; most cat breeds would benefit from a good brushing when they are molting. It’s worth noting that some longer-haired varieties (such as Angora cats) may need this attention on a regular basis.

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