Хигиенни превръзки за Culotte Medium & Large

Хигиенни превръзки за Culotte Medium & Large

Опаковката съдържа 12 броя

  • 8 лв

8.00 лв.

Хигиенни превръзки за Culotte Medium & Large

Размери 9 x 6 x h 0,1 cm

Опаковката съдържа 12 броя

  • Устойчиви и хигроскопични памучни превръзки
  • Превръзки подходящи за Culotte Medium & Large
  • Подходящи за женско куче при разгонване
  • Три размера – за всички големини кюлоти
  • Към тях се предлагат памучни хигиенни кюлоти

Здрави, еластични хигиенни превръзки за куче.  Пасват перфектно на Culotte Medium & Large. С тях може да ползвате сменящите се превръзки за куче Dog Pads

  • Hygienic pads for dogs
  • Ideal to be matched with the hygienic culotte pants for dogs
  • Three sizes available
  • The package contains 12 pieces

Хигиенни превръзки за Culotte Medium & Large

Dog Pads hygienic pads for dogs are available in three sizes for use with all models of Culotte pants. Very practical, they are easy to replace; they ensure an efficient filtering action and are particularly indicated in case of small bleedings of female dogs.

Dog hygiene: Practical helpers

Dog pants with replaceable inserts that you can comfortably put on your dog in heat ensure cleanliness and hygiene at home. Puppies can use the non-slip Puppy Pads during housetraining, practical, absorbent pads, e.g. as a base in the dog box.

What do you need for dog grooming at home? Our summary

Some dog care articles belong to the basic equipment and should not be missing in any dog’s home:

  • Dog brushes, curry comb and comb depending on coat condition
  • Unfelting knife and stripping utensils depending on coat condition
  • Dental care products
  • Nail scissors
  • Paw care articles
  • Tick hook

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