Хранилка за птици Ferplast FPI 4522

Хранилка за птици Ferplast FPI 4522

Размери 9 x 9 x h 9 cm

  • 10.60 лв

10.60 лв.

Хранилка за птици Ferplast FPI 4522

Размери 9 x 9 x h 9 cm

  • Хранилка за птици
  • Направена от здрава пластмаса, перфектна за храната на птиците
  • Може да се фиксира към хоризонтални решетки
  • Идеална за канарчета и екзотични птички
  • Има две вградени кацалки за удобство на птичките

Просторна и удобна, хранилката FPI 4522 може да се използва за да подавате храна на домашните любимци. Може да се фиксира както към хоризонтално разположени, така и към вертикално разположени решетки. Малка кацалка е предвидена пред хранилката за максимално удобство на птиците.

  • Feeder for birds
  • Made of resistant plastic
  • Ideal for canaries and exotic birds

PRETTY 4522 is a feeding trough for canaries and small birds in transparent plastic, equipped with a useful stand on which you can place your birdcage.

Хранилка за птици Ferplast FPI 4522

You should always consult your veterinarian to make sure the new bird food is right for your pet. Once you have chosen the best food for your pet bird, there are many techniques to transition them from a diet that involves seeds to strictly their new food. One that I recommend for completely healthy birds, particularly younger ones, is the following method:

In the morning, I remove all of the seeds (including sprigs of millet) and every other food from the cage, and leave out the new food I want them to eat. The only food available to the bird is the healthy food. No matter the complaints you are treated to, this is all the bird is offered for the day.

In the evening, when you go to cover the cage and put the bird to bed, you can add a cup with a few tablespoons of the old diet to the cage. If she has fasted all day, she can snack on this overnight.

Most birds, however, are tired and no longer interested in eating the old food by evening. In the morning, however, get up early and remove that food from the cage, and replace it with the new pellets. Repeat this cycle.

Generally, within 30 days, the bird is completely transitioned to the pelleted diet, and you can resort to using the seeds as training or offering them as special treats.


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