Къща Domus Small

Къща Domus Small

Размери  73,5 x 60,5 x  h 54,5 cm

  • Цена 290 лв

290.00 лв.

Къща Domus Small

Външни размери  73,5 x 60,5 x  h 54,5 cm
Вътрешни размери 56,5 x 42 x  h 42 cm

  • Здрава колиба за куче, направена от сертифицирана дървесина Nordic pine wood
  • Използвани са дебели плоскости, сглобени с винтове
  • Сухо дърво, за да се избегнат атмосферните влияния или атаки на гъбички
  • Третирана с нетоксична, без миризми, базирана на вода боя
  • Уважение към здравето на кучето
  • Скосен покрив, покрит с водоотблъскващи смоли
  • Изолиращи пластмасови крачета
  • Вентилационна система (само в Мини модел не е включена)
  • Вратичка, обкантена с алуминиев профил – против нагризване
  • Покривът се затваря със специални скоби и се отваря за улеснение на почистването
  • Аксесоари към колибата: постелка Jolly – непромокаема (не е включена в комплекта)

Къща Domus Small

  • Sturdy dog kennel, made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood
  • Use of thick boards assembled with screws
  • Dried wood to avoid atmospheric alterations or fungal attacks
  • Treated with non-toxic, odourless and water-based paints respecting the health of the dog
  • Sloping roof treated with water repellent resin
  • Insulating plastic small feet
  • Internal air circulation grill (Vent System) not included in Mini model
  • Entrance door with aluminium chew-proof profile
  • Roof fixed with hooks and openable for easy cleaning
  • Matchable accessories: Jolly cushion made of technical material or small door made of non-toxic plastic
  • The internal dimensions are (L = length, W = depth, H = maximum internal height):
  • MINI: L 33 x W 48 x H 35 cm
  • SMALL: L 42 x W 56,5 x H 42 cm
  • MEDIUM: L 50 x W 65 x H 55 cm
  • LARGE: L 59 x W 81 x H 65 cm
  • EXTRA LARGE: L 67 x W 89,5 x H 77 cm
  • MAXI: L 84 x W 106,5 x H 90 cm

Here is the ideal home for your dog! Domus is a perfect dog kennel, because it is comfortable, durable, well-isolated from the ground and treated to withstand the elements.
Made of FSC™ certified Nordic pine wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources, is treated, both internally and externally, with a special non-toxic and anti-mould paint, that is U.V.-resistant and water repellent, painted using flow coating processes for greater durability over time. The thicker boards are carefully assembled in order to avoid cracks and air passages and thus guarantee total protection.

The plastic feet ensure greater insulation from the ground, while the Vent System ventilation system (not included in the Domus Mini model) ensures maximum internal ventilation avoiding the formation of humidity. The front door has a special aluminum anti-bite coating.

When choosing an outdoor dog kennel, your pet’s needs should be taken into account. Above all, it is essential to consider your dog’s size and carefully evaluate the materials with which the kennel is made. All this has been considered in the Domus range of kennels: high quality comfortable kennels for dogs of all sizes.

Domus kennels are easy to keep clean and tidy thanks to the roof that can be opened up. To make your dog’s home even more comfortable, Ferplast recommends accessories like the non-toxic plastic door or the Jolly cushion in high-tech fabric.

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