Къщичка за хамстер SIN 4641

Къщичка за хамстер SIN 4641

Размери: 12,5 x 7,5 x h 7 cm

  • Цена 14 лв

14.00 лв.

Къщичка за хамстер SIN 4641

Размери 12,5 x 7,5 x h 7 cm

  • Малка къщичка за хамстери и други малки животни
  • Направена от здрава дървесина, дава укритие на малките гризачи
  • Оборудвана с отвори за въздушна циркулация
  • FSC™ сертифицирана дървесина – от възстановяеми горски масиви

Удобна къщичка за хамстери и други малки животни. Направена от здрава дървесина. Дава убежище на малките любимци. Има заоблена форма на удобния вход. Аксесоар, който е задължителен за всяка клетка за гризачи. Вътре в къщичката, вашият хамстер ще намери тихо кътче, в което да почива на спокойствие.

  • Small house for hamsters
  • Made of strong plastic, it gives small rodents a shelter

SIN 4641 and SIN 4642 are two wooden houses that, due to their small sizes, are perfect for hamsters and other small animals. With a nice appearance, they have the front entrance and they are characterised by a flat roof. Moreover, they are decorated with graceful holes that also facilitate air circulation. Built with respect for the environment, they are part of the SIN series for small animal houses, made using FSC™ certified wood, that is sourced from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources.

Къщичка за хамстер SIN 4641

Hamsters are intelligent creatures who require entertainment in order to be happy. While a wheel can certainly offer entertainment, hamsters can also get bored running on a wheel night after night. Make your hamster as happy as possible by using toys and interacting with your  pet.

Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls make excellent hamster tubes. They are cheap and easy toys to make. You can cut holes in the tubes and stick your hammy’s favorite treat in there and watch him go

To build hamster toys out of household items, try making a ladder by cleaning some popsicle sticks, making the sticks into the shape of a ladder, and gluing them together. You can also make a tunnel for your hamster by cutting circular holes in a cardboard box, and putting empty toilet paper tubes into the holes. When buying glue, you will want to ensure the glue is non-toxic

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