Топка за лакомства PA 5216

Топка за лакомства PA 5216

Размер Ø 7 cm

  • Цена 16.90

16.90 лв.

Топка за лакомства PA 5216

Размер Ø 7 cm

  • Играчка за котки, направена от здрава пластмаса
  • Дистрибутор на лакомства – хранилка за бавно хранене
  • Търкаля се наоколо и възбужда любопитството на котката.
  • Търкаля се като топка, интересно  е като хранилка!
  • Съчетава игра и храна

Малки награди за вашата котка! Пластмасова играчка, която изпуска бисквити, гранули, или други лакомства докато се търкаля. Специален механизъм позволява да я напълните с гранули или бисквити. Докато си играе и я гони, котката намира неочаквани изненади – парченца храна. Котките прекарват много време в сън. Но, точно като хората, и те се нуждаят от физическа и ментална стимулация. Играчките задоволяват ловните им инстинкти и са начин за справяне със стреса.

  • Cat toy distributing biscuits
  • Made of strong plastic with the shape of a ball
  • It matches play and surprise
  • Equipped with a particular internal mechanism which allows to insert biscuits or small pet treats
A small reward for your pussy cat! PA 5216 is a plastic toy which distributes pet biscuits while rolling. This thanks to its particular mechanism which allow to put some small treats or biscuits inside; playing, and making the toy rolling, then, your cat will find an unexpected surprise! PA 5216 is available in one single model and colour.
Instructions for use: insert some biscuits inside and adjust the hole opening so that only one treat can exit while the toy rolls on the floor.

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping and entertaining themselves. So it’s easy to assume that toys are a luxury, not a necessity. However, just like people, cats need exercise and mental stimulation. A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and that can result in unwanted behaviors, such as overvocalization, clawing and biting. Toys give cats an outlet for their prey-driven behaviors and can provide comfort if they’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Best Cat Toys

The best cat toys depend on the type of cat you have. That’s why you need to think like a cat when shopping. Your cat has a strong personality and likely doesn’t hide its favorite things from you. Everyone knows that cats aren’t afraid to let you know what they think. That can make the toy search challenging, especially since your cat could end up ignoring it altogether no matter how much thought or money you put into it.

Each cat has their own unique preferences and energy level, so you’ll want to try out various types of toys to find out which your kitty likes. Indoor cats in particular need toys that give them mental stimulation and an outlet for scratching. Low-energy cats might prefer a soft toy filled with catnip, while high-energy cats enjoy dancers and teasers that allow them to mimic catching prey.

Many cats are drawn to the smell of catnip and react to it, from lazily rolling around and meowing to going totally nutso berserk. But fortunately, because it’s an herb, catnip is considered to be safe and nonaddictive.

Топка за лакомства PA 5216

However, keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to let your kitty unwind. If cats ingest too much catnip, whether fresh or dried, they can experience digestive issues. If you’re worried about that, it’s best to stick with catnip toys that are durable and not likely to break apart.

From lasers to feather dancers to catnip toys and more, these are our cats’ most beloved toys.

Most cats (and dogs) get the zoomies — you know, that time when they go into crazy active mode and run around, bouncing off the furniture, racing across the backyard in a frenzy or jumping all over you.

If your cat gets the zoomies, then this toy is for you — it’s an inexpensive laser pointer that allows you, from the comfort of your couch, to direct a red dot around the room that your cat can chase to burn off all the excess energy. Best thing: It’s USB rechargeable, and trust me, you’ll be using it a lot and need to recharge it often.

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