Тример GRO 5954

Тример GRO 5954

28,5 x 6,5 x h 3,4 cm

Цена 22 лв

22.00 лв.

Тример GRO 5954

Размери 28,5 x 6,5 x h 3,4 cm

  •  Тример за кучета
  • Перфектно елиминира козината, която е на път да опада
  • Идеален за късо космести животни
  • Премахва мъртвата козина
  • Практични дълги дръжки за удобство

Тример GRO 5954

  • Currycomb for dogs
  • Ideal for short-haired animals
  • Perfectly removes dead hair
  • Practical with long handle

GRO 5954 is a curry comb, ideal for short-haired dogs, with a long handle for a secure grip and is double-edged with stainless steel teeth. You can use it both open or closed and it is ideal for removing dead hair and excess water after bathing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Grooming Supplies

What pet grooming supplies do I need?

The pet grooming supplies you need include grooming tools like brushes and combs, hair and nail clippers, and special coat tools like mat-removing blades and deshedders. You will also need shampoo, conditioner and select ear, eye and skin care supplies, depending on your best friend’s needs.

What kind of pet grooming supplies do professional groomers use?

Professional pet groomers use a range of pet grooming supplies, including shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers, hair dryers and grooming tables and restraints. Kkoala has a great selection of pro-grade dog grooming supplies for at-home use, so you should have no problem finding everything you need.

What are the best pet grooming supplies?

The best pet grooming supplies are those that are well-suited to the type of coat your pet has. Choose brushes, combs, clippers and even shampoos and conditioners based on your pet’s coat type and breed. Breed and coat-specific issues like tear stains, undercoat mats and earwax buildup may require special grooming solutions, as well. Kkoala has an extensive selection of all kinds of pet grooming supplies, including tear stain removers, ear cleaning solutions, undercoat blades and more.

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